Wood Chip

At CCWF we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality dried wood chip for the biomass boiler market. Our dried wood chip has been authorised for sale by the Biomass Suppliers List.  We are able to produce the woodchip to the optimum specification that your boiler requires to run most efficiently – we are very happy to liaise with your boiler manufacturer to make sure that the fuel we provide is the best for your particular boiler.


  • All our wood is chipped wet to create a consistent fuel size and then dried to  15-25% moisture content to enhance the calorific value of the chip.
  • Our wood chip is screened to reduce fines and oversize pieces.
  • We aim to deliver all year around, but some lead time for delivery is preferred.
  • We deliver in loads from 1-35 cubic metres.
  • Deliveries can be tipped or blown if necessary.
  • We would not recommend blowing further than 10 metres.
  • We are happy to charge on the basis of the heat used, rather than volume of fuel delivered. Heat meters attached to your boiler mean that you can pay for the calorific value the fuel delivers.


We believe in being open and transparent with our clients. We are able to price our wood chip according to any one of three criteria:

  • On a per tonne basis with an agreed moisture content.
  • On the calorific value utilised by your boiler measured through a heat meter.
  • On the basis of volume in cubic metres delivered to your bunker.


We are able to supply our products in large loads and at short notice all year round. Where possible we aim to deliver within 24 hours.

Your Biomass Boiler

CCWF wood fuel is kind to your boiler – that means less wear and tear, lower maintenance and a longer life.

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Our fuel provides sustainable, green heat from a clean low carbon, renewable energy source.
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We can help you improve your green credentials - talk to us about biomass boilers, heating systems, or fuel supply.
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