About our fuels

All CCWF products are a modern, clean burning and extremely efficient form of biomass fuel. We guarantee to deliver fuel to our clients at the highest specification all year round, even at short notice.

  • We supply virgin wood, so you are only paying for the best, clean, raw material.
  • Our fuel is available all year round.
  • We're normally able to supply our products within 24 hours notice and in large loads.
  • We screen our chip to fit the parameters required.
  • We can ensure the traceability, sustainability and quality of all our wood.

Sourcing our wood

We buy our wood from both private and publicly owned woodlands. By sourcing from a large network of timber and forestry contractors, as well as woodland owners and managers, we avoid becoming reliant on any one single source of supply.

We also maintain timber contracts directly with the Forestry Commission, who own one third of the managed woodlands in the UK, and Forestry Commission Wales, who are responsible for managing the 38% of Welsh woodlands owned by the Welsh Government. Together this ensures that CCWF has enough wood-fuel year round for all our customers.


We have procedures in place so that we can specifically cross-reference every single delivery of timber against the woodland it has come from. This allows us to verify that all our wood has been felled legally and sustainably in accordance with a Forestry Commission felling license.


We produce all of our own wood chips and logs. CCWF does not purchase any wood chips or pellets from any third parties. This means that we can ensure the traceability, sustainability and quality control for every product we supply.

We do not use any ‘waste’ wood, anything that has been pre-used, or any wood that has been chemically treated in any way. This type of material is not suitable for conversion into high quality wood fuel because of contamination, inconsistency and potential damage that this may cause to the boiler.


Our Products

Our products are produced to the highest standard. This will enable your boiler to run more efficiently, resulting in less wear and tear, lower maintenance costs and longer life.

  • Wood Chip

    At CCWF we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality dried wood chip for the biomass boiler market.

  • Logs

    At CCWF all our logs are produced from virgin timber which is sourced from sustainably farmed woods and forests.


Our fuel provides sustainable, green heat from a clean low carbon, renewable energy source.
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