Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels

As businesses, government authorities and communities become more aware of the environmental damage caused by the use of fossil fuels, wood fuel provides a legitimate low carbon alternative that is both sustainable and renewable.  

As trees grow they absorb CO2 and return oxygen to the atmosphere. When the wood is burnt the carbon is then re-released as CO2. Using wood from sustainably managed woodland will avoid net production of CO2 and reduce production compared to using fossil fuels.

So if you would like to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels we can help. We have 20 years experience in the industry and we’re committed to helping our customers improve their “green credentials”.

Take advantage of our knowledge 

If you are thinking about installing a biomass boiler, would just like to find out more about the possibilities, or would like to talk about heating systems or fuel supply in general, then we can give you information and advice.

Why not talk to us if you’re considering:

  • a wood chip fuelled boiler
  • a district heating scheme
  • a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system.

Our clients

We work with architectural practices, property developers, local authorities, housing associations, town and county councils, PFI and other companies or private individuals.


Our fuel provides sustainable, green heat from a clean low carbon, renewable energy source.
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We can help you improve your green credentials - talk to us about biomass boilers, heating systems, or fuel supply.
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